Makeup Favoruites March 2016 (part 1)


So for my very first post I thought I’d share with you a few of my favourite make up products. I’ll include images, prices and I’ll try and add a link to the products.

There’ll be both drugstore and high end products and i will split them up over 2 posts. ☺️

 So first up is the Lush Bubblegum lip scrub. I only bought this a few days but it smells SO good!! The best bit is because it’s made from cater sugar, it’s edible too 😉 at £5.50 it’s quite pricy but defiantly worth it

This has to be an all time favourite! I’ve had this revolution sculpt and contour set since August and I love it, especially the bronzer. At just £3.50 this is such great value for money and the quality is great too. This is in the shade light – medium.

  This maybelline master sculpt kit is also perfect the perfect contour and highlight kit. Along with a compact mirror and brush, it’s perfect to hair throw in your bag and go out with. It is however slightly dearer at £6.99
 The naked 3 by urban decay is one of my favourite pallets! I love pinky shades which I know aren’t for most people, but if you like them it’s definitely the pallets for you. However at £38 it’s defiantly on the pricey side despite the quality.

A perfect lip duo is from MUA and is just £3!! Many shades are also available.

This dream velvet foundation is so light weight. It doesn’t make me break out and that’s what I love. At £7.99 it isn’t priced too high for a foundation either although it won’t last all day.

Alongside this is my holy grail wake me up concealer. I won’t leave the house without this on and it never makes me break out. This is in the shade ivory and has almost lasted me a year now. For £5.49 it’s definitely worth the money.

The maybelline matter maker is the perfect powder. It’s gives you colour without looking like you’re wearing anything and is just £3.99!

I’ve been using this as a high coverage foundation for a while now. Although it can cause break outs, it’s fine to use just once in a while and is priced at around £9 

That’s all for now. I’ll be back with my next post to carry this on with some more lipsticks, concelars and mascaras. 

Thanks for reading, 

Katie xox


2 thoughts on “Makeup Favoruites March 2016 (part 1)

  1. dashoffashiongirl says:

    Hey, lovely post! I’m really enjoying reading through your blog x considering the types of things you blog about I think you might just like my blog too, if you get a chance why not take a peak?

    Thanks, can’t wait to see more from you

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