Makeup Favourites March 2016 (part 2)


So I’m back again with part two of my makeup favourites. I hope you liked part 1 and I’ll keep to the same format again. Enjoy 🙂

First up is this revolution highlighter in the shade hidden lights. It’s so pigmented and it’s only £1!! There’s also many other highlighter shades all for £1 too. Unfortunately it’s no longer available online but I’m sure it will be in superdrug stores. 

My eyeshadow is the worst for creasing ever and the urban decay eyeshadow primer has put my problems to an end. It’s a bit more pricey at £16 but I’ve never found a drugstore primer which works for me. I’ve had this for 6 months now and it uses hardly any, so it’ll last you forever.

I’m sure you’ve heated of/seen this before but I thought I’d include it anyway – maybelline eraser eye. It’s the best concealer I have found for under eye circles but it does go down very fast!

  Let’s talk about the lash sensational mascara. I’ve been using it for almost a year now and it’s by far the best mascara I’ve ever known especially considering it’s only drug store! It’s often compared to benefits roller lash but I’d choose this all the way. At £7.99 it’s definitely worth the money.


Before my lash sensational I use a volume mascara  and this has been my go to since I discovered it at chirstmas. It’s gives you so many lashes you didn’t even know we’re there but you do need another mascara for the length. At £6.99 it’s also very much worth every penny.

I’d wanted a matte lipgloss for so long and for just £4.99 sleek’s birthday suit  gave me exactly what I wanted. I was considering MACs range but for drugstore, this is just as good and there’s around 8 different colours
Last but not least let’s talk about eyebrows. My brows are already quite defined to start with so the rimmel eyebrow pencil provides me with just what I want. I use it everyday and have had this for a whole year now and there’s still a fair bit left and even better still, it’s only £2.99.

So that’s all I have for you, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post and I’ll be back very soon for my next one. 

Katie xoxo



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