Summers Finally Arriving!


So this is a bit of a random post but the idea just popped into my mind so we’re gonna go with it. 
I’m sure you know, the British weather is always cold and wet and we never really get much of a summer. However this week we hit temperatures of around 30 degrees which is pretty amazing for May in my opinion! 

One of the most beautiful things about May has to be the blossoms on trees. Although they only last around a week, they are just so photogenic and pretty to look at!!

Of course with summer comes the longer days too which I love so much. This was taken at around 9pm the other night and you can’t beat a good sun set picture right?!


I’m sure you’ve seen these for your clouds, but believe it or not the sky can actually be blue in England!! I love the clouds in May though, you can see so many different shapes from them. Oh and doesn’t the sun just make everything seem so much brighter and lighten everybody’s mood. 

Well whatever you decide to do, I hope you all make the most of the summer, or whatever we get of it…enjoy it whilst it lasts!

I’ll be back soon,
Katie xox


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