16th Birthday Haul


Yesterday was my 16th birthday (June 16) and I got quite a few nice things which I would like to share with you. 

Disclaimer: I’m not trying to show if any way and I’m truly greatful for everything I got. Also I saved up and paid £200 towards some of my bigger gifts

First up I got this Polaroid display frame as a surprise off my mum from new look. I love it so much and some of the pictures already inside are just so cute (especially the unicorn ones) that I only replaced two! 
I then received the too faced chocolate Bon Bon pallets and omg the packaging is the prettiest thing!! You only have to open it the tiniest bit and the smell of chocolate is so so good and all of the colours are insanely pigmented. 

This was also another suprise off my mum from new look and another unicorn!! It’ll fit perfectly inside my display unit from ikea. 

My mum also bought this cup from new look and how pretty is it?! The colours of the unicorn and design are just insane. 

I did actually have a nightmare trying to get hold of these adidas baby pink superstars but I managed to eventually. I think I’m actually in love with the colours of them in all honesty. 

The tiara ring from Pandora is honestly going to be my new baby. It’s my third ring now and it looks so good on especially with other ‘stacker rings’. Unfortunately my camera wouldn’t quite focuse to show just how pretty it is. 

Now onto one of my main presents, the Sony cyber-shot DSC HX90 camera. I used it to vlog yesterday and the quality is INSANE!!

I had the mini hoola bronzer for a while so I decided to invest in the full size one whilst birthday shopping yesterday. I haven’t tried it yet but I’m sure I’m going to love it.


Now onto my biggest present, the iPad mini 4 in gold 64gb. I had the original one for a few years but it was starting to get old and slow down so I decided to go for this and what a good decision it was!

Last but not least is ‘blankety’ from Mac. It has an amplified finish and the colour is such a nice nude!!

Well now my fingers are officially aching! I apologise for any spelling / grammar mistakes etc and hope you enjoyed reading 

See you soon,

Katie xox


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