Holiday 2016


So as some of you may know, I went on holiday for 2 weeks to Weymouth in Dorset recently. I thought it’d be nice to share some pictures and stories from there with you all today. There are quite a few though so this could be quite a long post.

I’ve also been considering making a YouTube channel which will be makeup/beauty related. If I do create one I’ll edit this post and put a link to it as I’ve been working on making some videos lately with it being the summer holidays and having lots of free time. 

I hope you enjoy it;

So this is unlike me but on day 2 we went and visited some hidden beaches down country lanes. Next to one of them I found these beautifully houses which had been turned into pubs. 
On one of our trips we also came across durdle door which some of you may know better as the Jurassic coast. It was so insanely beautiful and I think these pictures show just that. 

Now this is one of my favourite snaps. We went to watch the sunset just above the sea at bowleaze cove and wow isn’t it just so beautiful?! I would love to be able to watch it every single night. 

We also visited Bournemouth whilst down there. These are the gardens which take you from the shops to the beach and vice versa. Everything is so scenic and it literally looks like you could’ve easily taken this abroad. 

Of course the olympics were a few years ago now but I go and visit this whenever in Weymouth and compare the pictures from when I was 12 until now. 

We also went for a walk along the Weymouth beach and came across this beach huts. The colours are so pretty and I would love to own one of these one days!

So that’s all I have to share with you today. There were also like 20 different snapchat geo-filters on the way there and home as its a 6 hour drive which I found very exciting. 

I’d like to apologise for any spelling mistakes and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading. I’ll be back soon,

Katie xox


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