London Trip


Just over a week ago now, on August 6th I spent the day in London. I did actually vlog the entire day if you’d like to check it out here –

For this blog post I thought I’d share some of the pictures i managed to take there. It’s just such a photogenic place but we did have to cut the day short as it was 30 degrees and this made it very hard to do much at all. Therefore I didn’t get to go to oxford street or Buckingham place but everywhere is pretty much is here. 

So first up here is a close up of Big Ben when we were right under it on the tour bus. ITS HUGE!

Of course opposite Big Ben is one of my favourite sights, the London eye. It’d just so beautiful and I hope one day I will be able to go on it but it’s so hard to afford. 

Tower bridge is another super scenic place – perfect for anybody interested in photography or anything along those lines. 

Here also are a few shots from buildings etc which are surrounding the tower bridge area. 

Oh and who could forgot, my most favourite shop in the entire world. If your only going to one shop whilst in London it has to be m&m world!! The whole shop even smells of chocolate. However try not to go at peak times as it can get ridiculously busy. 

So that’s all I have to post until next time but tour buses are great with commentary as you really get to learn about London and the history it has to it which you otherwise may not know and they aren’t that much dearer than the tube when booked in advance online. 

Be back soon,

Katie xox