A weekend in Yorkshire 


So I went to Yorkshire from 2nd-5th September and I’ve been meaning to post about it for so long but just haven’t gotten round to it. I’ve just started college so as you can imagine, everything’s been a bit crazy recently. I did however manage to make a travel vlog of the whole weekend. 

Check it out here : https://youtu.be/SsqkYYYLnlo

Anyway more to the point, I thought I’d share some images with you from each of the days!

Friday September 2nd – Filey

Most of this day was spent travelling but I did manage to capture this insane sunset!! 
 We had the most lush accommodation and if you check out the travel vlog (link above) you’ll be able to see a tour of just how amazing it was!

Saturday 3rd September – Scarborough

Again, the majority of the day is in my vlog as I saw this as the main thing I wanted to focus on capturing footage for. 

Here’s a quick snap from the top of the gardens overlooking the sea front before the weather came to ruin the day.


Sunday 4th September – Scarborough and Bridlington 

Again, a brilliant day but very tiring with a morning in Scarborough and afternoon in Bridlington. I spent less time getting footage for the vlog today but there was some and instead took more images.

  (All of these are from Bridlington)
So that’s it, Monday came around and we went home and reality began again 😦 although it was a fabulous get away. 

 Be back soon(ish) knowing me! Haha

Katie xox


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