Blackpool Illuminations 2016


I’m back once again with a slightly less serious and controversial post as what my last one was which seems a little more like me. So last Saturday (bonfire night) I went to Blackpool illuminations. Of course, they were as pretty as ever and I documented most of the afternoon to share with the world. 

A nice little addition which I noticed this year was he fact that at the end of the illuminations, you could make a donation and if you did, you got to press a button which lit up the final light which said ‘thankyou’. I thought this was such a special addition to the tradition, especially for family’s with younger children.

I’d like to take a few seconds also to ask you to check out my travel vlog of the day –

Its by no means perfect, rather just a hobby of mine. I try to vlog around once per month whenever I go somewhere new/travel as I find it really fun to film footage and hen edit it afterwards (which is aside from the point of this post.)

Here’s a few images from the illuminations but you can see so much more in the vlog (link above).  

By far my favourite section – nickelodeon illuminations!! Including characters from spongebob, Dora the explorer and more!

That’s all until next time…be back soon,

Katie xox


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