Looking Back On 2016 Month By Month


It’s now officially 2017 and there sure are some things I’m happy to leave behind in 2016 and some things I want to bring forward with me into this year. The main point of this post is that I wanted to take the time to reflect upon my year month by month and basically sum up how it was. Yes, some months are definitely going to be much more action packed and exciting than others but having constant ups just isn’t reality.


Well January was just how it is for most people really, dull and a little bit boring but a few things did happen throughout the month. Of course I was in my final year at school and that meant undertaking 2 weeks of mocks just after the Christmas break which I wasn’t exactly a fan of even though nobody really likes exams do they?! I got through them fairly well and didn’t let it get me down too much. This month also involved having a interview to get into sixth form which may not sound like much but for a shy person like me, it was quite a big deal and I was so happy I did it in the end and ended up with a place. On the brighter side, I started to get my room the way I wanted it which was a progressing project throughout the year which has now been complete. (I’ll put a image below of what we did.)



Not much happened at all in this month. I got my results for my mocks (3 A’s 3B’S C) which I was quite shocked and very pleased with. Half term also happened so I spent a to of time in Liverpool as it’s one of my favourite places. We also had our year 11 photos done and were just getting closer in the build up to GCSE’s.


The most exciting thing which happened in March was most likely the snow day! It’s not often that it snows in England and actually sticks so when it does, it’s kinda a big deal. We even got a day off school because it was so deep. Easter also came around which meant just over 2 weeks off school before the term when GCSE’s actually started for real.



Despite the fact GCSE’s were now under a month away, I had the most exciting month I could. This was mainly due to the fact that I was off for half of the month with the easter break. I travelled to places like Leeds, Liverpool, Media City and so on. The days were getting longer and warmer and school was so close to ending which for me was the best news ever. I even managed to meet the vamps in this month, something I’ve been trying to do for many years.


GCSE exams started and the end was finally within sight. Despite being ill for a number of my exams, I tried my best and that was all I could’ve done. After each exam I’d take my books and set them on fire, something which provided me with great motivation to get through each day! After the English lit exam on may 27 I got the best news ever that we were going on study leave and SCHOOL WAS OVER!!


Most likely my favourite month of the year, it just was the best and I didn’t stop for the entire month. Now I was just going to school for a few hours each day on odd days to do exams. June 16th flew around which meant it was finally my 16th birthday. I spent the day in Liverpool (of course) with friends and then had a Hawaiian themed party at the night time. The following day was also my last exam (physics) and I left school forever!! 2 days later I went on holiday to Dorset for 2 weeks and it was honestly so much fun.

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The main point of this month was to unwind and that’s exactly what I did. At the start of the month I went on a sixth form taster day to helming decide which subjects I’d want to take in September which wasn’t actually too bad. There were also some hot days which involved sun bathing and of course Pokemon Go came out…how could I forget?!


The highlight without a doubt was going to London for the day although the trip was cut short due to it being 32 DEGREES!!!! M&M world is where I want to live when I’m older. I also got my GCSE results (A 4B’s 5c’S) which were lower than predicted but considering I’d been so ill when taking the exams, I was happy with this and I got everything I needed to enrol at college later in the month.

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The month started out great with a weekend in Yorkshire as a treat for my GCSE results. I visited Filey, Scarborough and Bridlington. I also started college 2 days after coming back which was such a anticipated thing for me although it all went smoothly. My final choices of subjects were IT, business and health and social care(how I regret taking that). It took a while for me to settle in but I got there in the end and now it’s all good.

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Nothing special happened in October, I travelled around a little to the Peak District and seemed to spend an awful lot more time shopping in my free periods at college.


The main highlight of the month would’ve been going to Blackpool illuminations which was FREEZING. I made a vlog all about the day over on my youtube channel (ThatGirlKatieVlogs). Christmas was getting closer and I spent more time shopping an at the Christmas markets in Manchester.

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Christmas and the new year were just around the corner. Everything was getting calmer as we began the unwind to Christmas Day. When Christmas Day came, I got everything I could’ve wished for and before we knew it 2017 was upon us.

Congratulations if you made it to this point!! I hope y’all have the most amazing 2017 and I’ll be back very soon.

Katie xoxo



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