Blackpool Illuminations 2016


I’m back once again with a slightly less serious and controversial post as what my last one was which seems a little more like me. So last Saturday (bonfire night) I went to Blackpool illuminations. Of course, they were as pretty as ever and I documented most of the afternoon to share with the world. 

A nice little addition which I noticed this year was he fact that at the end of the illuminations, you could make a donation and if you did, you got to press a button which lit up the final light which said ‘thankyou’. I thought this was such a special addition to the tradition, especially for family’s with younger children.

I’d like to take a few seconds also to ask you to check out my travel vlog of the day –

Its by no means perfect, rather just a hobby of mine. I try to vlog around once per month whenever I go somewhere new/travel as I find it really fun to film footage and hen edit it afterwards (which is aside from the point of this post.)

Here’s a few images from the illuminations but you can see so much more in the vlog (link above).  

By far my favourite section – nickelodeon illuminations!! Including characters from spongebob, Dora the explorer and more!

That’s all until next time…be back soon,

Katie xox


A weekend in Yorkshire 


So I went to Yorkshire from 2nd-5th September and I’ve been meaning to post about it for so long but just haven’t gotten round to it. I’ve just started college so as you can imagine, everything’s been a bit crazy recently. I did however manage to make a travel vlog of the whole weekend. 

Check it out here :

Anyway more to the point, I thought I’d share some images with you from each of the days!

Friday September 2nd – Filey

Most of this day was spent travelling but I did manage to capture this insane sunset!! 
 We had the most lush accommodation and if you check out the travel vlog (link above) you’ll be able to see a tour of just how amazing it was!

Saturday 3rd September – Scarborough

Again, the majority of the day is in my vlog as I saw this as the main thing I wanted to focus on capturing footage for. 

Here’s a quick snap from the top of the gardens overlooking the sea front before the weather came to ruin the day.


Sunday 4th September – Scarborough and Bridlington 

Again, a brilliant day but very tiring with a morning in Scarborough and afternoon in Bridlington. I spent less time getting footage for the vlog today but there was some and instead took more images.

  (All of these are from Bridlington)
So that’s it, Monday came around and we went home and reality began again 😦 although it was a fabulous get away. 

 Be back soon(ish) knowing me! Haha

Katie xox

London Trip


Just over a week ago now, on August 6th I spent the day in London. I did actually vlog the entire day if you’d like to check it out here –

For this blog post I thought I’d share some of the pictures i managed to take there. It’s just such a photogenic place but we did have to cut the day short as it was 30 degrees and this made it very hard to do much at all. Therefore I didn’t get to go to oxford street or Buckingham place but everywhere is pretty much is here. 

So first up here is a close up of Big Ben when we were right under it on the tour bus. ITS HUGE!

Of course opposite Big Ben is one of my favourite sights, the London eye. It’d just so beautiful and I hope one day I will be able to go on it but it’s so hard to afford. 

Tower bridge is another super scenic place – perfect for anybody interested in photography or anything along those lines. 

Here also are a few shots from buildings etc which are surrounding the tower bridge area. 

Oh and who could forgot, my most favourite shop in the entire world. If your only going to one shop whilst in London it has to be m&m world!! The whole shop even smells of chocolate. However try not to go at peak times as it can get ridiculously busy. 

So that’s all I have to post until next time but tour buses are great with commentary as you really get to learn about London and the history it has to it which you otherwise may not know and they aren’t that much dearer than the tube when booked in advance online. 

Be back soon,

Katie xox

Holiday 2016


So as some of you may know, I went on holiday for 2 weeks to Weymouth in Dorset recently. I thought it’d be nice to share some pictures and stories from there with you all today. There are quite a few though so this could be quite a long post.

I’ve also been considering making a YouTube channel which will be makeup/beauty related. If I do create one I’ll edit this post and put a link to it as I’ve been working on making some videos lately with it being the summer holidays and having lots of free time. 

I hope you enjoy it;

So this is unlike me but on day 2 we went and visited some hidden beaches down country lanes. Next to one of them I found these beautifully houses which had been turned into pubs. 
On one of our trips we also came across durdle door which some of you may know better as the Jurassic coast. It was so insanely beautiful and I think these pictures show just that. 

Now this is one of my favourite snaps. We went to watch the sunset just above the sea at bowleaze cove and wow isn’t it just so beautiful?! I would love to be able to watch it every single night. 

We also visited Bournemouth whilst down there. These are the gardens which take you from the shops to the beach and vice versa. Everything is so scenic and it literally looks like you could’ve easily taken this abroad. 

Of course the olympics were a few years ago now but I go and visit this whenever in Weymouth and compare the pictures from when I was 12 until now. 

We also went for a walk along the Weymouth beach and came across this beach huts. The colours are so pretty and I would love to own one of these one days!

So that’s all I have to share with you today. There were also like 20 different snapchat geo-filters on the way there and home as its a 6 hour drive which I found very exciting. 

I’d like to apologise for any spelling mistakes and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading. I’ll be back soon,

Katie xox

Summers Finally Arriving!


So this is a bit of a random post but the idea just popped into my mind so we’re gonna go with it. 
I’m sure you know, the British weather is always cold and wet and we never really get much of a summer. However this week we hit temperatures of around 30 degrees which is pretty amazing for May in my opinion! 

One of the most beautiful things about May has to be the blossoms on trees. Although they only last around a week, they are just so photogenic and pretty to look at!!

Of course with summer comes the longer days too which I love so much. This was taken at around 9pm the other night and you can’t beat a good sun set picture right?!


I’m sure you’ve seen these for your clouds, but believe it or not the sky can actually be blue in England!! I love the clouds in May though, you can see so many different shapes from them. Oh and doesn’t the sun just make everything seem so much brighter and lighten everybody’s mood. 

Well whatever you decide to do, I hope you all make the most of the summer, or whatever we get of it…enjoy it whilst it lasts!

I’ll be back soon,
Katie xox

This year so far…


Sorry I’ve not posted in a while, I’ve just been so busy with my exams coming up so fast now. Anyway, I thought I’d share with you some images which I’ve took (mostly this year) because why not.

Also, all of these images have been taken on my iPhone 6S…not a professional camera so I do apologise that they aren’t too quality. 

I hope that you like them 🙂

Just another boring motorway picture, I know but it isn’t often England that the sky looks like this! 

A quick snap from trinity shopping centre in Leeds, with the added snapchat filter of course. 

 Albert docks in Liverpool – Easter weekend  
A postcard which shows an overview of Liverpool at night, I love this so much!!

Snow is my favourite thing, everything’s just so much more pretty despite this being in the middle of March. 

Going for a little walk along the beach a while ago. 

While I hope you’ve liked looking through some of this and I’m sorry for the very short upload. 

Thanks for reading and I’ll be back soon,

Katie xox